Red Oak Art Designs​​​​​
Red Oak
Art Designs​​​​​
Traditional Oil Paintings and Celtic Art​​​



My name is Rick Myers and I live in central Virginia. I've been an artist most of my life, drawing and creating from an early age. My mother was an artist as well, and I grew up surrounded by the influence of her paintings and music. I later went on to architecture school because I enjoyed the combination of technology and creativity. After receiving a masters degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC, I spent a summer in France on scholarship. While there, I absorbed their appreciation for the aesthetics and craftmanship for the built environment. Upon return, I moved to the mountains of Virginia. There I began to paint landscapes and Celtic influenced artwork to express my love of nature and my connectedness to it. My path is to increase the beauty and fascination in my corner of the universe through my art. When not creating artwork, I train for running marathons and play music.

All paintings are oil. Most are on canvas.

Stained glass peices are all hand painted original designs. Many of the wood frames are handmade.

Custon orders and commissions accepted.

Thank you.